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"Native Healer" - click to buy at

In his book Native Healer Medicine Grizzly Bear explains how a person is called to be a medicine man/woman and the trials and tests of a candidate. Native Healer gives us an exciting glimpse into the world of Native American shamanism, some of Medicine Grizzly Bear's personal experiences, and examples of actual cases involving people and their illnesses that he has successfully doctored (patient's names have not been provided in order to honor the code of confidentiality.)

Native Healer: Initiation into an Ancient Art. Published by Quest books $10.95

"Spirits of the Earth" - Click to buy at

Spirit's of the Earth is an extraordinary compilation of legends and rituals about Nature's ever present signs. From the birds that soar above us to the insects beneath our feet this book shows us how these creatures of the Earth can aid us in healing and self knowledge. He also teaches us how to develop higher intelligence, holistic thinking and learning, and why sacred sites and power centers should be respected, preserved and protected.. hence you will also learn forms of esoteric Traditional Indigenous Knowledge (TIK).

Spirits of the Earth: A Guide to Native American Nature Symbols, Stories, & Ceremonies.
Published by Plume/Penguin books $13.95.


"Call of The Great Spirit" -  click to buy at Call of the Great Spirit invites the reader to enter a world of authentic indigenous traditions and ceremonies. Forbidden to reveal his teacher's secrets until ten years after his death, Bobby is now free to share his story of how he meet and was trained by his main teacher Wahsek who knew that Bobby was destined to receive his knowledge and carry the sacred healing work forward.

Call of the Great Spirit: The redemption story of Native American Healer Bobby Lake-Thom. Published by Bear & Company books $15.00.

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