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Prayer for Smudging & Purifying

This is how you “make medicine” to purify your aura, mind, body, and soul. It can also be used as a spiritual way to rid your Self, your home, office, or any environment of bad spirits, ghosts, forces, orCedar tree negative energy. That is the spiritual power and function of certain herbs such as Cedar, Sage, or Pepperwood leaves. The loose, dry herbs can be placed in an abalohne shell, or made into smoke/smudge sticks. In either case, it is always best to open a window or door of the house or office so the negative energy and bad spirits can be removed, chased out, and the environment smudged and purified or disinfected.

Western SageLight the end of the smudge stick (or the herbs in the shell). You might need to blow on it, or fan it with a feather or bird wing fan, such as Hawk, Eagle, Raven, Heron, Egret, or Turkey (but never use Owl power, because it is bad medicine). Then offer the bowl up to the Great Creator while facing East, then turn to the South, then turn to the West, then turn to the North. In this way you are also making an Invocation and offering the medicine to the Four Powers of the Universe, hence creating a Circle of Protection while you turn, ending once again facing East.


Pray like this:

"Great Creator, the Four Powers of the Universe, and all my Relations and Good Spirits in Nature. I come before you in a humble manner and ask for your help. The way I understand it, you put this medicine on the Earth from the Beginning of Creation to help Human Beings. This medicine is used to purify our mind, body, soul, aura, and environment where I now stand. I therefore ask that you accept this medicine and purify me (or anyone else standing close to you, such as family or friends).

(Continue Praying:) I ask that you remove all bad spirits, all bad forces, all ghosts and deceased people, or any bad entities and negative energies. And do not let them return. I ask that for purification, protection, and a healing. Thank you….and All My Relations."


Note: Do not smudge/smoke with these sacred herbs around any women on their moontime (menses). It is safe, however, for Menses Woman to use Yarrow, female cedar or Sweetgrass. Never use Grizzly Bear Root (Angelica) around women on their moontime. Why? Because it is like spiritual alchemy, certain herbs do not mix properly with menses energy and people could get hurt; i.e., the medicine making could backfire.
Medicine Grizzly Bear with the spirits cutting Grizzly Bear Root (Angelica)

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