Traditional Native Healer

Traditional Native healing sessions require special arrangement at one's home, at Bobby's residence, in Nature; or via long distance spiritual healing and soul travel.The Raven, The Grizzly Gear, The Coyote and Lightning

Medicine Grizzly Bear's knowledge, skills, and abilities are ancient, varied, profound, and specialized thus he handles all kinds of different illnesses, diseases, accidents, and/or injuries...whether they be mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, social or between cultural and social, including problems involving bad dreams, encounters with ghosts and bad spirits, mystical experiences and encounters with Nature and forces that Western physicians and psychologists do not understand, or typically deal with.

He doesn't claim to be a miracle worker but in most cases the patient has gotten completely well or shows a marked improvement in their condition. He knows his strengths and limitations however, and in some situations, after consultation and diagnosis, he might not be able to help you. In this kind of situation he will try to put you in contact with a different kind of healer. He also sometimes works jointly, in collaboration with, or in support of Western medical practitioners if the patient needs it.

You may e-mail him at . You may contact him at "Contact Us" or the following mailing address when sending tobacco or donations (in the form of money orders) and requests for diagnosis and consultation. See Protocol for additional information on doctoring sessions.

Robert Lake-Thom
760 Marvin Way
Dixon, California 95620

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