Native American Consulting Services
In Natural Resources

As a traditional Native American healer and spiritual teacher I have been taught by the elders, mostly in Nature, in Natural sacred places, and in a variety of different Indian tribal territories and environments.

Thus I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge about ecosystems, sustainable resources, environmental protection and recovery and what some professionals in the discipline now call (IK) Indigenous Knowledge or (TEK) Traditional Environmental Knowledge. I am willing to share this unique and specialized cultural knowledge

(combined with my formal academic background and credentials) to Indian Tribes, Tribal Governments, Indian Organizations, Environmental Agencies and Organizations, education programs, and governmental agencies on a Consultant Fee Basis.

This includes providing lectures, training workshops, conducting research leading to development of management proposals, and/or grant proposals, or assisting in analyzing research and development of Natural Resources (Forestry, Fish & Wildlife, Agriculture, Sacred Places, Soils) as sustainable resources related to Indian tribes. In term of curriculum, I have developed a Native American Cultural perspective for courses in "enhanced science curriculum", thus I can also provide this material upon request.

Lastly, and by the same token, I am also available for consulting to Indian Health Service Programs and Clinics, in terms of (TEK), and holistic healing, ethnomedicine, and cultural based healing approaches.

Contact me at: for a Vita and Work Samples.

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