Consulting to Indian Tribes, and Natural Resource Agencies

Available to provide consulting to Indian Tribes, Native American organizations, and Indian Health Service Clinics.

Medicine Grizzly Bear is available to advise and/or guide you on a variety of esoteric topics that might help you in your spiritual growth and development. For example, by giving you reading assignments, home oriented ritual and meditative practices, or by answering questions concerning certain dreams, experiences, and encounters via e-mail or telephone or mail order. Donations would be appreciated in exchange for your mentoring.

Home or Office Purification Ceremony

(Called "Wogi" in Yurok language, meaning "balance and harmony". As an analogy, it might be considered similar to Chinese Feng Sui....but it is an ancient Native approach).

Cleansing of bad spirits, entities, or negative energies from your home, office, or environment by purifiing it and putting up sacred objects for protection etc., and helping to bring good luck and wealth to your business. I can even help "make medicine" for Hunters and Fishermen, so they can have good luck when hunting and fishing.

Discover Your Personal Herbs and Plants

A short spiritual reading to help you learn exactly what herbs and trees are your power plants.

Native Healing

Ancient cultural based healing approach, Medicine Grizzly Bear's knowledge, skills, and abilities are varied, profound and specialized. He handles all kinds of different illnesses, whether they be mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural or social, and injuries or accidents.

According to Indian custom and law, patients must be clean three days before, during, and three days after being doctored. Thus they must abstain from drugs, sex, and alcohol....and women cannot be on their moontime (menses bleeding). (Refer to my books for a more detailed explanation and understanding of the belief, custom, and traditional spiritual practices according to Natural Laws).

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